Feather Your Nest

Feather Your Nest . . . 

Nest Collage

Nest Collage

It is a tell-tale sign of spring when you see birds carefully selecting nesting material from the ground or nearby trees. Each spring I watch a bluebird couple build their nest in the birdhouse in our backyard. Mom bluebird collects pine straw, while dad watches vigilantly. It amazingly only takes her a day or two to carefully prepare a home for their eggs and hatchlings, and within a week or so, beautiful blue eggs are laid.

I am by nature a nester. When I travel, one of the first things I do is make my “home away from home” where I am staying and put my things in their place. To me, nesting is about creating a place of comfort and safety.  Nests also symbolize new life and renewal. Nests can be a sacred space for preparing, growth, and hatching new life.

How do you “nest”?  You can explore themes around nesting by creating a drawing or collage. Gather scrap paper, fabric, and ribbon. Assemble the scraps with glue, or stitch them together if you enjoy sewing. As you create your own nest, you may want to think about what you need for safety and security. If you include branches, these may represent the supports you need in your life (physical, social, spiritual, emotional). Do you want to include eggs in your nest?  They may represent some of your hopes for the future that need to be incubated.

Celebrate spring by feathering your nest!

“Blessed are you, spring,
Season of hope and renewal.
Wordless poem about all within us
That can never die.
Each year you amaze us
With the miracle of returning life.”
Excerpted from “The Circle of Life” by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr

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